Ambassador Bin Rental
Bin Rentals in Windsor for Residential and Commercial Customers

Ambassador Bin Rental offers bin rentals in Windsor for residential and commercial customers. We offer 3-7 day Windsor bin rentals for $150 + $78 per ton, giving you a great bin to rent at an outstanding price.

We also offer FREE metal only Windsor bin rentals for our commercial and industrial customers, and we pay you for the scrap metal you collect in them.

Heavy Metal Gauge Windsor bin rentals

Bin Rentals in Windsor for Residential and Commercial Customers

For commercial and industrial customers, we offer FREE heavy metal gauge bins for you to fill with scrap metal. Each month, we’ll pick up the bin and pay you for any scrap metal you’ve collected!

Commercial Bin Rentals
in Windsor

Whether it’s for a home renovation project, yard cleanup, decluttering your home or for any other project, a bin rental in Windsor from Ambassador Bin Rental can make things easier and safer. You get a great heavy metal gauge bin for 3-7 days at a great price to collect any garbage, clutter and debris you need to get rid of. We’ll then come pick it up and dispose of anything you’ve collected in it safely and responsibly.

Residential Bin

What We Collect and Recycle

Steel & Metal

All grades. From Tool & Die Industries

Cars & Car Parts

From Car dealerships

Loose Household Items

Residential clean-outs

Building Materials

From Contractors & Developers


From commercial, marine & automotive vehicle batteries

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