Metal Recycling for Commercial Customers

Metal Recycling for Commercial Customers

At Ambassador Bin Rental, we offer complete metal recycling services in Windsor and Essex County for manufacturing and industrial customers. We can pick-up any scrap metal from your business, handle it in an environmentally-responsible way, and recycle it properly in our facilities.

Scrap Metal Pickup and Recycling for Factories, Tool & Die Shops, and Automotive Manufacturers

We specialize in recycling metal for a variety of industrial customers, including automotive manufacturers, tool and die shops. We can pick up and recycle almost any scrap metal, machinery, metal equipment, pipes, aluminum, steel, and more. If you have large batteries from vehicles or other equipment that need to be recycled, we can take care of that, too. Plus, we will give you money on the spot for all of your scrap metal and large batteries.

Ambassador Bin Rental also offers free bin services for our industrial customers for their scrap metal. We’ll drop off a bin, you fill it with any scrap metal that you need taken away, and we will pick it up monthly or whenever it’s full. You get instant cash for your scrap metal, and you’ll always have a bin available for all of your metal recycling.

Scrap Metal Recycling for Car Dealerships

We can work closely with car dealerships to help scrap any non-working vehicles form your lot. Have it trade-ins that can’t be sold or repaired? Ambassador Recyling can pick them up from your lot and recycle it for you, and will pay you for the metal. Need to recycle any metal car components? We can handle that, too – from engines and transmissions to doors and car bodies, we can take away and recycle any metal car components you need to get rid of. Plus, if you have old vehicle batteries that you want recycled properly, we can handle those, too, and pay you immediate cash for them.

We offer free bin rentals in Windsor for car dealerships, too – we’ll drop off a bin at your dealership at no cost, you fill it up with any metal car parts or any other scrap metal you need taken care of, and we’ll pick it up for you on either a monthly schedule or whenever you need it emptied. You’ll get cash for your scrap metal, and have less clutter to worry about.

For more information about how we can handle the metal recycling needs of your business, Contact Us today.